May 28th, 2006

Fort Williams

Originally uploaded by Zach Beane.
It was supposed to rain today, but instead it was gorgeous. We packed a grilling picnic and headed to Fort Williams. There were working boats and sailboats dotting the sea, kites and birds in the air, and sausages and hamburgers on the grill.

Later today we went for a walk in Evergreen Cemetery, which I've passed a hundred times but never visited. (We decided to go because the Portland Parks & Recreation guide lists a leash-free area behind it.) It's the biggest and oldest cemetery I've ever been to, with some headstones from the early 19th century. Lots of captains lost at sea (why do they need a headstone, then?), and some huge, elaborate crypts. The largest we saw was a granite tomb the size of a small garage with a row of pillars supporting it: "CHISHOLM". In the distance we saw a 20-foot high marker topped with a statue of a seated man, but we didn't get close enough to see who needed such an extravagant memorial.

The cemetery went on and on, and eventually we got down to the rear pond. Geese and ducks napped on the banks, and since we didn't want Sam to jump in the nasty-looking water or chase the birds we kept her leashed up.

I can't wait to bring my sister to see Evergreen, she loves to take pictures of old and interesting gravesites.