April 26th, 2006

saywhat fun

Two things:

First, SayWhat has been moderately popular, with mentions on memepool, realtechnews, generatorblog, del.icio.us (57 saves so far), and a number of forums.

Part of the behind-the-scenes of wigflip/saywhat is a private page where I can watch the pictures people make as they are made. I thought this would be a wonderful source of creativity and humor, but in fact most of the time it is either porn (avoid, avoid, avoid), racist blather, or juvenile "WHO FARTED?"/"O RLY?" stuff. There have been a few actual funny ones; here's one I liked:

When looking for competing sites I came across wittycomics.com, which has its own sort of thing going on. I was amused to see that it is a producer of prog's ComicsML!

Second, I updated my journal syndication on Planet Lisp to only pull down entries tagged with "lisp". So now I don't feel bad about writing entries like this that would be sure to bore anyone on Planet Lisp; my boredom inducement can now be selectively limited to LJ readers.