January 5th, 2006

planet lisp updates

I updated the Planet Lisp software to understand feeds with "categories" (or "tags"). If you'd like to be on Planet Lisp, but you don't want to have separate blogs for your prizewinning pug breeding techniques and your Lisp hacking, and your blog software supports categories, I can now add you and filter only the lisp-category posts to Planet Lisp. As a result, a new Planet Lisper, William Bland, has been added.

The minifesto and speech bubble pages became pretty successful. They were mentioned by jwz and achieved some popularity on delicious. Wigflip.com got about 17,000 hits on the first day of widespread exposure, and the Lisp software worked without a hitch. It has seen about 80,000 hits since the initial announcement on December 20th.