November 29th, 2005


The Planet Lisp server has stabilized since removing a suspect stick of memory. Thanks to everyone who offered helpful suggestions.

There's an interview with the guys who made reddit with a bit about Lisp:

In the pros department: it's a great programming language. Ruby, python, perl, java can't really compete as languages. HTML and symbolic expressions are almost a one-to-one mapping, so generating HTML is a breeze. It's great fun to work in, and I've certainly learned a good deal about programming in general just for using it.


The drawbacks all basically stem from the same problem. Since very few people actually use Lisp, we can't take advantage of the tremendous community support the other languages have. There are few libraries, few implementations, and little real-world examples of building large-scale websites in Lisp. The language itself (ANSI Common Lisp) hasn't changed much since it was standardized, which was about 20 years ago.

I added a new blogger, "lispnoob", to Planet Lisp.

Practical Common Lisp thoughts from The Blog That Goes Ping.

Edi Weitz, Lisp Hero, has released FLEXI-STREAMS: "FLEXI-STREAMS implements 'virtual' bivalent streams that can be layered atop real binary or bivalent streams and that can be used to read and write character data in various single- or multi-octet encodings which can be changed on the fly."