October 27th, 2005

lisp web power!

The bass tackle store, powered by Lisp, has received a number of fun updates:

  • better shopping cart
  • prettier font
  • nicer URLs; instead of the Bubblegum-colored sinkin salty shad having an url that ends with "/p/87B.html", it's now "/p/87B.Sinkin_Salty_Shad-Bubblegum.html", with some cleverness about redirecting things if the product or color ever gets renamed. Example: old link will automatically redirect.
  • general layout cleanups

Traffic has been light, so far; it's a shame more anglers aren't interested in what I've called the world's most advanced use of Lisp in the field of bass lures sales.

I have gotten a lot of unwanted traffic, actually. Try to guess what people are searching for when they get to the page of this plastic worm. (Hint: it's in the page title.)

The TBNL page mentions a really nice TBNL-powered site: ERGO. It's very slick.

Also, I threw together a prototype website that uses tbnl, cl-truetype, and skippy to make DIY ESR cartoons. Example The previous are now defunct.