July 28th, 2005


more movies

I really enjoyed Marco Baringer's first movie of UCW development. Now, he has created a new SLIME movie. Says Marco:

i got a lot of feedback regarding the ucw movie i made the other day. some of it was ucw related but a lot of it was related to how i used slime and develped lisp code. instead of getting real work done, or going to the park, i made an intro video/showcase for slime. it was supposed to be about 20mins but when i was done i realized i'd talked for almost an hour :). it covers (more or less deeply):

  • installing and setting up slime (remotely)
  • the repl (output recording and shortcuts)
  • sldb (locals, inspect-frame and frame-source)
  • M-.
  • list-callers/list-calles
  • the inspector
  • slime-selector
  • hyperspec lookup
  • emacs commands for editing lisp code
  • fuzzy-completion and slime-autodoc

    i think that's it (i'm not about to watch it again to make sure...)

update Luke Gorrie, one of the primary SLIME developers, watched the movie and commented "Totally brilliant!!"

I also came across another slime movie, this time done in Flash and viewable in a browser. It's a short and sweet run-through of some typical SLIME interaction.