June 20th, 2005

more downtime

Planet Lisp will be down for a little while today while the old server is unracked and the new server is moved up six inches.

I've been investigating drawing text in PNG files. I was surprised to learn that, although the OpenType file format has explicit support for compact, bitmap-only fonts, all the bitmap fonts I've found on the web have been vector path fonts, and the paths are all little squares where a pixel would go! See the Q glyph from the "Crisp" font. Each gray rectangle is a separate contour specified by four control points in the font file. (For comparison, here's Q from Times New Roman. It has two contours, one for the outer shape and one for the inner shape.)

If you have any public domain or shareware TTFs that are allegedly bitmaps, please let me know. I'd like to peek at them.