May 23rd, 2005

make money fast with common lisp

Commercial use of Lisp! It's fun.

  • I used tbnl to create a site to sell bass baits for my father-in-law.
  • I am using cl-pdf (and in particular, cl-pdf-parser) to process some telecom order forms for my company. My boss said "I'd like to investigate this stuff" on Wednesday, and by Wednesday evening I had a rough but working start on it, and the necessary forms were specced out and nearly ready for processing on Friday.

The computer that hosts Planet Lisp and other sites is pretty pathetic. It is six years old, 700Mhz P3 with 256MB of memory. It has been very reliable, but it has been underpowered for a while now. So, I'm replacing it. I searched around for a cheap system and, after looking at systems from Dell, IBM, Sun, and HP, I got a 1U Pentium 4 with 2GB of memory from Penguin Computing. (If you have any handy experience with the company or its products, please share.)

Expect to see some downtime next month when I install the new stuff.

Also, I heard it through the grapevine that although APress had a double-sized initial printing of 5000 books for Practical Common Lisp, sales have been good enough to do a second printing. Congratulations, gigamonkey!