April 28th, 2005


lisp porn movie torrent

Yannick Gingras has been updating his web-based fractal explorer with a ton of new features. Users can mark certain regions as interesting, then other people can rate the coolness of regions. It's sort of like a HOTorNOT.com for fractals.

This is one I picked out

Anyway, he took the top 20 regions and made MPEG movies out of them. From the movie pack README:

Those are fractal zooming movies.  They represent a deep dive into the
Mandelbrot Set.  You can get more information on the Mandelbrot Set
and fractals in general from Wikipedia:


The movies were generated by Fract, a web based zoomer for the
Mandelbrot Set fractal written by Yannick Gingras.  The image
generation is powered by Common Lisp.  Fract includes a renderer to
make anti-aliased images and it uses Salza to compress each frames
into a PNG file.  Each movie is made of approximately 1000 frames from
top level to a given region.  The encoding of the MPEG movies was done
by ffmpeg.  Fract allows visitors to vote for the most interesting
regions.  This movie pack is a snapshot of the top-20 on 2005-04-25

I set up a torrent for the movie files. You can download them by pointing your Bittorrent client to http://www.xach.com/fract/mp1.torrent. Enjoy! Update The torrent was up for several days, and served 4GB of traffic. It's down now.