February 4th, 2005

Blogs to watch

I've run into a few new Lisp-related blogs. Poker Tech was mentioned on comp.lang.lisp by a guy who is making a poker server and client in Lisp.

I did good although rewriting a LOT of C++ in Scheme and then trying to debug it is not the way to go. Make sure you don't try this at home! The Lisp way is to write small debuggable chunks of code from the ground up, playing with them in the REPL all along.


Also, there's Ruslan: Lisp blog, which has one of the most specific subtitles I've ever seen: "Lisp multi-threading related blog".

Shake the Tree, by Lars Rosengren, has some interesting Lisp entries.

Some old ones worth mentioning again: miscellaneous bill, Slava Pestov, Patrick Logan, The Scheme Way.