January 3rd, 2005

wiki news

Planet Lisp, Cliki Edition is perhaps less interesting than it could be. I don't read it regularly, because most of the entries eventually turn out to be of the form "Foo: 6 Edits". There was a brief flurry of irc-thusiasm about making the feed not suck, but it seems like the holidays intervened.

The ALU CLiki spam is also pretty annoying.

Drew Crampsie just started a new cliki site. Its stated goal is "to create something a little more user friendly then the hyperspec." I now find the HyperSpec to be pretty user-friendly, but I'm also over the hump of a lot of CL learning. The MOP is still a fuzzy area for me, but I wonder if I'd be better off thoroughly reading my copy of AMOP instead of waiting for a cliki to show me the way. Anyway, in the fullness of time, Drew's cliki may be added to Planet Lisp, Cliki edition.