July 18th, 2004

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Got sidetracked from Lisp Flash to fiddle around with Lisp TrueType PDF. Drew some truetype glyph outlines in PDF by extracting the points and converting the cubic curves to quadratic curves.

here's a lispy example

Also got a big chunk done on extracting data from ESRI shape files; that included writing a loader for Borland DB3 files, which are part of the official shapefile spec. I've almost got enough done to extract regions and layers of interest and draw them with PDF or Flash. Should be fun. Of course, the humbling Internet quickly revealed this guy's website to me, which has insanely cool GIS GPS animations, done with Perl.

A couple blogs for your pleasure:

  • progBlog by Tom looks pretty, though it looks like Smug Lisp Weenie-ism has set in pretty early.
  • miscellaneous bill has cool bits of Lisp from time to time. I first found this because he did the ITA Software Palindromic Pangram problem much better than me, and I've been reading it since. The latest entry has a neat bit of macrology.

Also saw Heat Vision and Jack through someone's blog and bittorrent. Maybe you should find it and watch it.