July 12th, 2004

(no subject)

A couple things:

  • Luke Gorrie has uploaded the videos of ILC 2002, and you can get them via bittorrent: Day 1 and Day 2.
  • Thanks for the feedback about the content of Planet Lisp. I'm going to continue to select primarily Common Lisp blogs. I encourage some ambitious Schemer to set up a planet for Scheme blogs, and maybe even a "Planet Parenthesis" that includes both Common Lisp and Scheme blogs. (If nobody gets around to doing these, I can set them up. I'd feel kinda funny about it, though, since I don't use Scheme and don't have much of an interest in reading Scheme (or Arc, or whatever) blogs.)
    • "Planet Lisp" implies all Lisps, not just Common Lisp. Sorry, I set up Planet Lisp first, and I strongly prefer Common Lisp. I read about non-Common Lisp language tidbits on Lambda the Ultimate, maybe you should too.
    • Common Lisp developers would probably be interested in Scheme stuff too. Personally, I'm not, and I haven't actually heard from any Common Lisp developers in favor of Scheme blogs.
    • Some of the existing blogs aren't about Common Lisp, and Scheme would be more interesting than the offtopic posts about fish. Yeah, well. Sorry about that. I'm going to keep posting fish pictures from time to time.
  • Expect more exciting Flash movies soon.