May 4th, 2004

(no subject)

Watched Ginger Snaps 2. It was probably not quite as good as the first, but it was pretty good, pretty Canadian, funny, violent, scary, etc. Watched a trailer for Ginger Snaps 3, set in an 18th century Canadian outpost, in winter, with the same two girls, and it looks really cool.

Also watched Desperado, and was mostly disappointed. Almost all other Rodriguez movies include a dense commentary track about his moviemaking process; how he gets and develops ideas, how he creatively solves problems, etc. They're so dense that I think he probably does them in multiple sessions to eliminate every single moment of dead air; on Spy Kids 2, he didn't comment on the stuff that was actually happening on the screen until about 60 seconds before the end credits, and even then it was just to say "I haven't said much about what's on the screen, and I'm not going to start now." Anyway, Desperado's commentary track was as bad as most other commentary tracks. He apologized for running out of notes halfway through, and started offering trivia about what was on the screen, or what he's doing while watching the movie. "Antonio was sick when we shot this." "It was really hot this day." "If you hear clicking, it's because I'm using my computer." Pretty awful. Every other Rodriguez movie I've seen, even the crappy Spy Kids 3D, has stellar commentary, easily worth the price of the DVD by itself.

Also watched Jesus' Son (good), Super Troopers (not too bad), Auto Focus (not quite good), Johnny English (terrible, as bad as the Bean movie).