April 22nd, 2004

(no subject)

Whee! Planet Lisp is now using the new software. And after I finish writing this entry, I can run "pl-update-channel xach", "pl-rewrite", and it'll be aggregated. No more waiting for two hours to get it working. (That sort of functionality will be available to everyone else in the near future, too.)

I had to upgrade python, upgrade the feed parser, and do some lossy fiddling with Unicode. But it all kinda works now, and it seems to work nicer than the old stuff. If you syndicate Planet Lisp's rss and your program doesn't like it any more, please let me know. (The site as created by the old software is still available for now, but it doesn't update as often.)

Thanks to Edi Weitz for HTML-TEMPLATE, which I used directly, and to Miles Egan for making macho, which I didn't use directly but from which I stole some good ideas.