April 19th, 2004

(no subject)

Almost done with new aggregation software for Planet Lisp. Rather than being 100% python, the tasks have been split up between Python and Lisp parts: Python (specifically, the Universal Feed Parser) is used to fetch feeds and process them into files of sexprs. Common Lisp is used to tell the Python when to run, load the feed sexprs, and merge them into a template with HTML-TEMPLATE.

It'll make it easier to add some features:

  • weblog "pinging" (hate that term); for the uninitiated, that means a blog can send an "I've updated!" notice to Planet Lisp, and Planet Lisp can take the appropriate action
  • integration of non-XML data sources like Rainer Joswig's news
  • meta-feeds; I'd like to have a feed that consists of the most interesting items turned up from a feedster search for common lisp. The full feed has too much noise.
  • more stuff I haven't thought of yet

I hope to switch Planet Lisp over to the new software within a week or so.