March 10th, 2004

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The current moronic LJ meme du jour is to Google Image Search for your name and link to a picture you find. Nobody but nobody doing it is copying the images to their own server first; they're just directly linking. I'm pretty high for a few terms like "vw" and "mosaic"; a few times a week some idiot links one of my pictures directly into their underwater needlepoint web bulletin board post. (The bulletin boards are really classy -- 99% of the posters have "signatures" consisting of about 4 megs of animated gifs.)

After I ask people to not link directly to my server, there are usually two reactions. Either they ignore me, or they get really angry and insulting: "Don't spazz out about it! It's on the Internet, it's fair game!" For the former, I usually replace the original image. For the latter, well, I do the same thing. In the end, people tend to remove the link.

At this point, I don't care if you copy my image without asking and link it into your webpage. The only thing I'd really like people not to do is embed the images directly on their page while leaving it hosted on my server. (Someday, Google will honor my robots.txt and take my images out of their index.)

So now this new meme comes around and encourages people to steal bandwidth from random victims on the Internet. Have some courtesy and do your own image hosting, leeches!