March 2nd, 2004

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More CDs in the mail. Amazon's "Used & New from $1.50" links are luring me into buying a ton of stuff, even though it's not necessarily a good deal when shipping is factored in. Still, it's easier than trolling the meager selection of the local used CD stores.

I got a bunch of CDs that my brother played a lot in 1992. Some of them are amusingly dated and really bad, musically, much worse than I remember. Many of them kick the dead horse of the day, televangelists. Does it seem pointless and boring only in hindsight, because televangelists eventually discredited themselves? Was it pointless and boring to begin with? What dead horse will we look back on in 10 years and say, "Why did people think it was interesting or necessary to speak out against that?" Reality TV? SUVs? Ritalin? Who knows?

  • X-Tal: really bad musically, and overbearingly strident political lyrics. I played some for Cody, and his reaction was "It's bad, but it sounds better than the Meat Puppets thing." At least the Meat Puppets thing was interesting, though.
  • Harm Farm: pretty cool music, almost terminally silly
  • Sugar: cool music, dead-horse televangelist kicking, good stuff though
  • The Magnolias: cool

In 1997 or so, I went on a silly swag-buying spree at (of all places) Alias|Wavefront. I used to wear the Alias|Wavefront t-shirt around everywhere, and sometimes music nerds would stop me: "Hey, is that an Alias Records shirt, man?" Nope, it's just a computer thing. Sorry.