January 22nd, 2004

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Released the new version of rip-l. jdz on IRC was kind enough to take a screenshot of it working on his system. Of course, since it's a text program, I'll just paste the text:

CL-USER(2): (rip-l:lite "/dev/cdrom")
; Polling /dev/cdrom every 5 seconds...
; New CD: Reamonn feat. Xavier Naidoo / Jeanny Tuesday
;    1 [7th son] rip... encode... tag... done!
;    2 [Supergirl] rip... encode... tag.. done!
;    3 [Swim] rip...

There are still problems:

  • no parallel rip/encode
  • no pretty progressbar
  • Linux-only
  • chokes on some CDs

I like it, though!