January 21st, 2004

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Blah, blah, blah.

Did a little bit of tweaking to RIP-L to make it work reasonably as a single process on a single drive. Cleaned up pathnames-as-strings confusion all over the place.

Put the Bowie Poag Timeline back online. Mostly because of pogo. It's nice to see Bowie actually produce programs instead of demand others write them, but it's also amusing to see him brag up his genetic commitment to engineering excellence and groundbreaking innovation when pogo is obviously a buggy, amateur piece of crap. Everybody starts somewhere, but not everybody is so oblivious to reality.

In other Bowie news, found an amusing IRC log with such gems as:

<SirDibos> usotsuki: you know we are a truly open-minded in this channel when racists and white-people-haters can work side by side to build something truly great.
<Bowie_> shut the fuck up, jew.
* SirDibos chuckles.
* usotsuki thinks Bowie_ is a troll
<Bowie_> Bowie J. Poag loves the Jewish people.
<SirDibos> usotsuki: he is. :-) his parents were journalists, which explains a lot about him.
<usotsuki> heh
<SirDibos> usotsuki: he loves to play to an audience.

Nothing particularly suitable for the timeline, though.