January 12th, 2004

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Updated Planet Lisp a bit:

I'm not too happy with spycyroll. It's not smart about dates, it's not possible to rerender the page without refetching all feeds, it's awkward to add a new feed without its contents dominating the page.

I'm thinking about breaking it up into a few pieces:

  • conditionally fetching the feeds
  • using the Ultra-Liberal Feed Parser to convert them to files of sexps
  • writing something from scratch to aggregate the entries to a single page

However, if I can track down a more intelligent version of spycyroll, I may just stick with that instead.

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jdub hooked me up with a new, non-sucky version of spycyroll. It's in place now and it seems to be working quite a bit better. Whee! This means you can now syndicate the aggregated feeds as a meta-feed.

Also, frodef released the source code to Movitz. To get it:

$ cvs -d ':pserver:anonymous@common-lisp.net:/project/movitz/cvsroot' login
Enter "anonymous" as the password
$ cvs -d ':pserver:anonymous@common-lisp.net:/project/movitz/cvsroot' co ia-x86
$ cvs -d ':pserver:anonymous@common-lisp.net:/project/movitz/cvsroot' co movitz
$ cvs -d ':pserver:anonymous@common-lisp.net:/project/movitz/cvsroot' co binary-types

It's older than I thought; many of the files date from 2000.