December 10th, 2003

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I try to stay away from the love, but the love just pulls me back every time! Quoth Bowie:

On a more personal note, my ongoing fascination with ELO has prompted me to devote more time to coding. Healthy or not, it's certainly improved my coding style. I went out and got a copy of ELO's 1979 "Discovery" album last week, and ever since then, I seem to have an increased ability to distill a particular concept into code in the smallest possible manner. Ultra-light and ultra-tight!

I think this code must be pre-ELO:

char directiveType[20];


        while ((c=getopt(argc,argv,"a:b:c:d:v"))!=-1) switch (c)
                /* ... */
                case 'd':
                /* ... */

Too much love for one person, I think.