September 28th, 2003

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Bought a new digital camera, a Canon S50, to replace my aging Olympus 3040. A couple things about the new one are cool:
  • small (not quite pocket-sized, though)
  • no lens cap
  • quick startup/shutdown
  • detects orientation for rotation
  • 5.0 megapixels vs. 3.3
  • rear curtain sync (in certain modes)
  • histograms in review

A couple things suck:

  • iPhoto doesn't support RAW images (?)
  • lens is slow (2.8-4.9) compared to the olympus (1.8-2.8)
  • rotation doesn't seem to be picked up by iPhoto (?)
  • focus hasn't worked well for test photos, but the test subjects have been pretty dark. It does have a focus assist beam.