September 5th, 2003

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Date: Wed, 10 Apr 91 08:31:33 EDT 
From: Olin Shivers <> 
Subject: Unix evolution 

I was giving some thought to the general evolution (I use the term
loosely, here) of Unix since its inception at Bell Labs, and I think it
could be described as follows.

In the early PDP-11 days, Unix programs had the following design

            Rule 1. It didn t have to be good, or even correct, 


            Rule 2. It had to be small.

Thus the toolkit approach, and so forth.

Of course, over time, computer hardware has become progressively 
more powerful: processors speed up, address spaces move from 16 to 
32 bits, memory gets cheaper, and so forth.

So Rule 2 has been relaxed.