August 16th, 2003

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The iBook's battery suddenly started draining a full charge in just an hour. It worsened until I was lucky to get more than 30 minutes from it, which is just about the same as having no battery at all. "Oh, those are only good for a few hundred charging cycles," someone said. RIP my laptop battery, 2001-2003.

So I got the a new battery in the mail yesterday. It's the wrong model ("snow" instead of "crystal" -- Apple imitates L.L. Bean catalog), but it seems to work fine. 3.5 hours on a charge!

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Tales of the iBook.

  • Got Emacs working
  • Grabbed OpenMCL
  • Got ILISP working
  • Got SBCL built via OpenMCL
  • Got Araneida working on SBCL
  • Got the HyperSpec installed locally
  • Got a bit of elisp to browse the HyperSpec with Safari

I can actually do Real Work on the laptop without a fast net connection.

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I finally got around to reading this month's CRYPTO-GRAM. It had an anecdote about photo ID security.

Security Guard: Do you have a driver's license or another piece of identification which has your picture on it?

Employee: Why would you need that?

Security Guard: To match against our records.

Employee: A picture of my face?

Security Guard: Yes

Employee: This is my face -- I am wearing it on my head.