August 6th, 2003

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When we were in Hawaii, we took a cab to our luau. The driver was chatty and asked us where we were from. "Maine?" he said, "I used to live in New Hampshire! I'm reading this book about Maine!" and pulled out Empire Falls by Richard Russo.

I read Empire Falls last year, and it reminded me a lot of Waterville, even down to some street descriptions. So I'm a little pleased that it's being filmed as an HBO movie on location in Waterville.

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Burning Phish Cool pics and story from apple_hotnews. During the Phish festival last weekend, there was a tent full of iMacs where you could customize a playlist of live Phish songs with iTunes and burn a custom CD. The festival's powerful radio station was also iTunes-driven.

Update: I swear I wrote this before I read it on Winer's site. On a related note, I giggled at this graphic (original story).