August 5th, 2003

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People who use Scheme but not Common Lisp often use "Lisp/Scheme" as a blanket term to cover things related to their Scheme programming. "Come out to the Lisp/Scheme meetup! Check out this new Lisp/Scheme blog! Here's a reference for Lisp/Scheme style!" Common Lisp users don't do that very much; when they mean Common Lisp they say "Common Lisp." "Lisp/Scheme" has started to sound like a very fuzzy term, and whenever someone mentions it I wonder if they actually do any substantial programming in either Lisp or Scheme.

See lisp for examples.

When people learn Scheme, it's very exciting and meta, so they often enthusiastically start implementing their own Scheme. It's a good "enthusiastic Scheme newbie" tip-off if someone says they're writing their own Lisp. Fewer people, on learning Common Lisp, get all excited and decide to write their own.