June 30th, 2003

(no subject)

Had a nice weekend at the lake for my mom's 60th birthday. The campground was rustic, the weather was hot, the lake was cool and pleasant, and everyone seemed to have a good time. I did some long exposures of people running around with sparklers; some came out pretty cool.

Bowie sent me another email over the weekend. Apparently, whenever he posts to the SomethingAwful forums, somebody brings up the fact that he's Bowie J. Poag, Batshit Insane, and links to my timeline page. Despite the fact that all the information on the timeline is from stuff Bowie himself has posted to the Internet, and even though many of the items were sent to me by people amused by the timeline (I didn't try to track the items down), Bowie has started claiming that he has several obsessed stalkers and I'm one of them. So, of course I added that to the timeline. Whee.