June 23rd, 2003

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  • Announced the public availability of RIP-L

  • Spent a nice weekend at Seawall at Acadia National Park. The camping style is pretty easy:
    • Drive to within 25 yards of your campsite
    • Unpack your tent and cooler
    • Set up your tent
    • Light your fire with the free firewood and pre-cut kindling
    • Flip the grill-top over and cook your hotdogs and drink your beer at the supplied picnic table
    • Wander 25 yards to the clean, well-lit restrooms
    • Go to sleep in the tent
    • Pack everything up and throw the trash in the supplied trashcans
    It was kinda like a hotel with trees. I really had a fun time, but I'd also like to do some real camping. Clint said we experienced what most people consider "camping" these days, and I was thinking of "backpacking."