June 13th, 2003

(no subject)

As I mentioned a while ago, I put the Bowie Timeline back online. It had been well-indexed by Google; it usually showed up in the first three or four links for a search for bowie poag or bowie j poag.

Bowie sent me several emails asking me to explain why I put it back online. I declined to explain it to him. He got less and less tactful and more and more demanding, finally writing Quit being a woman. Stop crying and give me an answer. I've been deleting his messages unread since then.

It looks like Bowie went to Google and asked them to remove the page from their index the page is temporarily missing from the google index; it doesn't show up even when searching for terms that could only turn up that page. He may still be an asshole, but now it's harder to confirm that with a quick google search. Go google!

Anyway, feel free to mirror http://www.xach.com/bjp/ or http://bowiepoag.is.batshitinsane.com/.

Update From looking at Google's removal page, it seems unlikely that the pages are no longer indexed at Bowie's request. Hmm.

Update 2 Looks like it's just a coincidence.