May 26th, 2003

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Made a lot of progress on a digital music project: I wrote a system to distribute ripping and encoding jobs across several computers over the network. That way my puny Pentium 2 300 with 3 CDROM drives can farm all its encoding out to my Pentium III 500 and the beefy Athlon MP systems, and maybe even to the Windows PC downstairs.

It's not quite finished, but when it's done, I'll make it publicly available at

The part that coordinates everything (the 'controller') is Linux-only and written in Common Lisp, and uses a few SBCL-specific features (threading in particular). It would be pretty easy to make the other parts, the ripper and encoder, in other languages on other operating systems, since they don't anything complicated and the network protocol consists of simple s-expressions.

In other news, I put my Bowie Poag tribute back online with some extra treats.