April 30th, 2003

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Photo.net has gone sharply downhill in the past couple years. I learned almost everything I know about photography from the articles there a few years ago. The comment system helped present other perspectives and resources.

Today, it's full of inane articles (In short, put a light prime on this thing and you've got one heck of a nice little street shooter.) written by people who look like complete assholes. What's the point? Of course, no comments are allowed on the new columns. They might get their feelings hurt by people who know what a complete waste of space their writing is.

Speaking of assholes, I really want to buy a Nikon D100. If I can convince myself that I don't shoot that much because of the development cycle and film costs, I'll probably do it.

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I've collected a number of headless, keyboardless Linux systems. Since serial console only works if you can get past the BIOS (at least on the hardware I'm using), I've frequently wished for a really small VGA device to carry around to the system I need to troubleshoot.

This doesn't quite fit that bill, but damn, it looks cool. But so insanely expensive.