April 23rd, 2003

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I tried to use the Emacs livejournal client, but it formats the shit out of my posts. I'm comfortable writing exactly the HTML I want, but somewhere in the chain all the newlines get zapped and that really fucks up PRE tag contents. I was going to write a nice little bit about the vast performance difference between SBCL and CMUCL for a particular application, but all the output got auto-formatted into one big run-on line.

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Oops. It turns out that SBCL has no interpreter, and compiles everything by default. With CMUCL, it's necessary to compile every function needed. After (compile-file "queens"), CMUCL has a slight edge on SBCL for performance.

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ITA Software added a new problem to their challenges page.

A palindrome is a sequence of words like "lid off a daffodil" or "shallot ayatollahs" that uses the same letters reading backwards as forwards. The words need not form a meaningful or grammatical sentence.

Write a program to find a palindrome that includes all 26 letters of the alphabet.