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You're doing it wrong

Last year, while creating AutoMotivator, I threw together a picture of John McCarthy with fake inspirational text. To my surprise, a lot of people really liked it.

I recently extended the software to create bigger AutoMotivator images for printing. Here are a few of the test images (click for full size):

Suitable for printing at US letter size

Suitable for printing at A4 size

Print one out on your company laser printer and hang it on your cubicle wall. Extra motivation guaranteed or your money back.





Thanks Zach! Now people who stop by will look at the picture and ask who he is. Then I can evangelize about the One True Language. Tamas
Highly awesome. You should do a series of famous personalities such as this, being grumpy, and open a small shop; you'll make a fortune from disgruntled hackers.



Just saw that this morning with Dijkstra's pic on it -
my first response was to download it, so later today
I could put McCarthy's pic on it. Thanks for saving
me some work.


March 10th influx of visitors

This article got slashdotted: http://reprog.wordpress.com/2010/03/09/where-dijkstra-went-wrong-the-value-of-basic-as-a-first-programming-language/

which links to your image

The TC Lispers group is thinking about hosting a programming contest. I was pondering this poster as a prize, but 8.5 x 11 is smaller than I was thinking. Do you have the McCarthy image at a high enough resolution to print an 18x24?
That was the biggest I could find, sorry.