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All work etc

From a work-in-progress that marries Vecto and Skippy. More of a shotgun wedding at the moment. Code looks something like:

(with-animation (:width 500 :height 100)
  (looping t)
  (with-frame (:height 75 :width 15 :x 15 :y 15)
     ;; a bunch of vecto stuff
     (delay 50))
  ;;  many more with-frames
  (save-file "jack.gif"))

Fun! And I was able to do it with poor old bloated obsolete blazing-fast DSL-enabling pure rocking Common Lisp! The language with hash tables and arrays! And with a less gross incf idiom!

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Couple of observations:

* Looks like you are creating a DSL for writing GIF animations. That is cool.
* Why isn't the file to save to atleast a stream input into the with-animation macro?

Re: Cool!

It just didn't occur to me.


Cool. Now how about similar, but with APNG?

APNG support would be cool, to be ready for firefox 3...
(I know MNG is a better format overall, but APNG is more closely an animgif replacement.)


Re: Cool. Now how about similar, but with APNG?

I'd like to add support for APNG to ZPNG soon, and add some tools around producing animations. Unfortunately, due to the lack of widespread browser support at present, it's more of a "that'd be neat" hack than a "useful for wigflip" hack.