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The Unknown Lisp Hacker

I've been going through my old saved Usenet posts, and I came across an announcement by Walter C. Pelissero from 2004.

Walter does not post to comp.lang.lisp any more. He does not have a blog that I know of. His software is not in cliki or the Common Lisp Directory. I don't see messages from him on any Lisp mailing list I'm on.

Nevertheless, he has a large collection of Common Lisp software to do modern and interesting tasks.

  • CLOT creates charts and plots with CL-GD
  • MArch is an all-singing, all-dancing mail processing system
  • BINGE parses C and produces FFI definitions
  • MeDaMa is a metadata manager with a GTK front-end
  • ...and there's much, much more

Walter C. Pelissero! Step into the light! You have made a lot of really cool CL stuff!



I don't have anything to say specific to this post, but I enjoy your Lisp posts and encourage you to keep them up.



I am sorry to tell you but he is no longer with us

Re: Sorry

Is that a tactless way to say that he has exceeded his website quota, or is Walter C. Pelissero no longer alive?


Looks like he uses CMUCL: http://thread.gmane.org/gmane.lisp.cmucl.general/6173


Seems that planet lisp has a slashdot effect now, heh.



I was wondering were all that abnormal volume of traffic came from, in October.
I believe I found out.

Thank you for the flattering post.