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the birth of roflbot

A while back some guy wanted to buy some Wigflip tools to use on his own website. I wrote a private post about how that could be tricky, since it's all in Lisp. graydon responded with some good advice, and ended with:

If you can make one that adds an animated string of the form "I'M IN UR ... EATING UR ..." to a photo randomly pulled from cuteoverload.com and scaled to a usericon, you can probably retire on the revenue.

I hope he's right. I give you: ROFLBOT!!1!

This project is only possible because of Frederic Jolliton's recent work on cl-vectors. It will enable a lot of visualizations in the future, not all of them frivolous and stupid like roflbot.

(Don't worry if you don't "get" roflbot. There's nothing to get.)

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Much fun. Thanks.


damn you zach

you have eaten my morning

nice hack!
Good work! Even russian text understands.