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skippy 1.0

I've been doing several projects with my pure-Lisp GIF writer library, skippy, and each time I've had to build some support scaffolding from scratch to make it do what I need.

Well, over the weekend I reorganized skippy into several different files, bundled up some of the support scaffolding, reorganized the internals, wrote up comprehensive documentation, and called it version 1.0.

Go check out the documentation or download skippy 1.0.

(Skippy is used extensively on wigflip.com. For an example of how I used it for the most recent project, signbot, see this blog entry.)

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Hm, this probably means I should re-organize my Skippy interface to use the 1.0 release. And download 1.0 to verify that my changes work. Ah, well, another day.
Next weekend I hope to emit a library that can produce skippy canvases full of pretty bitmapped glyphs and strings. I hope it's helpful for generating pretty pictures with labels.
W00t! I might even veer away from my current method of "keep my own bitmap data on-hand" (that way, I can trivuially mangle it to whatever back-edn is needed today and provide alpha-blend when drawing).

Bear in mind that I want, ideally, to have a single interface for "draw pretty image with labels" and back-ends capable of "dump data in named file" and "dump data into window displayed on-screen". The latter can certainly back-end onto the former if (and I believe only if) I can be sufficiently sure about internals-stability.

And isn't "have users" a rather scary feeling (well, "code users", rather than "service users")?