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Sinister plots

I have been monitoring a message system for a while. I have 1000 data samples, each sample has a timestamp and a message count at that point in time. The count is ever-increasing. Can you recommend a tool to produce an interesting, pretty graph that shows activity over time? I'm familiar with gnuplot but don't like the output or the user interface much.


I have put together a graphing system with cl-2d at work. cl-2d isn't the most documented, but the code is very clear.
I'm hoping for something more polished, where I could feed in the data file, twiddle a couple things, and get a nice result.


Sounds like you could use RRDtool

Re: RRDTool

I've used rrdtool in the past and it does fit the data but I found it hard to figure out the right parameters to use to initialize the thing. Do I really have to decide so much up front? I hope there is something that needs less coaxing out of the gate.

Re: RRDTool

Munin is a pretty good rrdtool frontend that takes a lot of the setup weight off your shoulders. In addition to that, it has a nice API for data collection. Might be worth a look.
matlab, mathematica, ... ?
I don't have either one of those. Are they easy? And pretty?
oh, there's also octave, the GNU copy of matlab. also does plots.
Is that easy to use and pretty?
sorry, I have no clue how Octave handles. I guess the graphs are scientifically accurate and clean, but they might not win beauty contests ;)
For stuff at work, I end up using Excel. It's annoying, but not terrible to get something decent looking when it's simple like this. For everything else, I use Vecto. ;)
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