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A year of Quicklisp

A year ago today I announced Quicklisp on this blog, freely available for anyone to try. Even though much work remains to be done, I'm very happy with how things have gone so far. I'm looking forward to many more years of helping CL productivity with Quicklisp!



Quicklisp made my CL learning experience much better. I went through all sorts of problems to install Hunchentoot with asdf-install, until I discovered Quicklisp. Thanks a lot.
Just today, in fact, I installed zs3 and ran through the S3 examples. QL made doing that very easy.

Happy birthday, Quicklisp!

Just yesterday, I used quicklisp to quickly get a useful Lisp environment up on my new laptop, installed a bunch of libraries and then slowly wrote a library of my own. Thanks to quicklisp, we can all spend more time to work on the problems that matter, and rely on it to take care of the external stuff.

It's a wonderful tool, and we are all very lucky to have it!