Zach Beane (xach) wrote,

It must be September

I (and many other Lispers I know) just got this homework cheat request:

From: Project Help <>
Subject: Lisp and prolog task
To: undisclosed-recipients:;
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 19:22:50 +0400

please let me know if you can do this 
dont start unless we say go ahead
send me confirmation
all the details are here in this file
i need it fast part a and b
please read and i can pay 30 for this task 
I have given the project requirement above
and all the required files below.Only Clisp and prolog experts can do this 

Additional Project Description:
09/23/2011 at 15:48 GST:
all the extra files , labs , samples included in this link
i need it within 2 days


Shami ( Project Administrator of all Programming and Subject help)

I'm glad La Trobe University is using Common Lisp for a class. It's a pity one student would rather pay someone else to do the work. Common Lisp is pretty neat and worth learning.

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December 5 2011, 23:31:45 UTC 2 years ago

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Heh... we also had Lisp/Prolog/Erlang 3-in-1 course half and a year ago :) That was extraordinar time with changes in my mind and heart... being C++ lower, I was so absorbed at first lecture - so in result I have stayed in a lab for 3 hours, completing first assignments one after another :)

That was a good time - but now I have C# .NET project at work daily challenge with my heart :( I would be so happy If will found Common Lisp vacancy... someday...


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