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Congratulations, Nikodemus

Three weeks ago Nikodemus Siivola started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to improve SBCL. His initial goal? Raise $3,000.

He blew past $3,000 in less than a day and now, three weeks later, he has raised over $10,000. More than 150 people have donated, in amounts from $5 to $500. (I'm pleased to say I was the first donor.)

Are people donating because they are interested in his specific improvement to SBCL threading? Because they like SBCL in general? Because they think Nikodemus should be rewarded for his past effort? Is this a one-time outpouring of generosity and support or can it be repeated?

Whatever the answers, I think it's great that this campaign has been so successful, and that so many have been willing to financially support a Common Lisp project. Congratulations, Nikodemus!

(As I write this, he is still short of his ambitious new goal of $12,000 $16,000 - if you haven't yet contributed, please consider helping him reach the finish line.)


Motivations for donating

I'm curious about people's motivation to donate as well. Perhaps you can ask in another blog post for people to leave comments on their motivation?

my motivations

I donated for the following reasons, probably not in this order:
  • I want to see the state of Lisp implementations advance
  • I believe in contributing financially to open source efforts
  • I would want people to support me if I were in that position
I also, as a rule, don't ask for "schwag" from kickstarter projects because I don't need more "stuff" in my life and I think that anything physical detracts from the effectiveness of the contribution. I treat NPR the same way.


He's made it to $12000. Anymore goals worth reaching?