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xach wrote
on November 18th, 2010 at 09:25 pm

A bunch of half-baked Common Lisp projects for your enjoyment

Over the years I've started a lot of projects. Most of the time, after they reach some minimal state of usefulness to me, I don't polish them up, finish them off, add documentation, and share them with the world. They just sit on my server somewhere.

Today I decided to put several of those semi-forgotten projects on github for others to browse and possibly use. They're a little half-baked, and that's a little embarrassing, but maybe someone will find them useful, amusing, or educational.

Here's a list of the stuff:

  • grout can fetch an authentication token for Google web services and use it to make authenticated requests
  • gridlock is for working with Google Spreadsheets
  • firehose can post to Blogger (I use it for the Movie Charts blog)
  • linebreaker turns a blob of text into a set of lines that fit into a particular width
  • page-ranges is for producing result pagination links for websites
  • format-time is like cl:format but for timestamp strings
  • geometry is for woking with points and rectangles
  • vectometry adds a layer to vecto that uses abstract objects for rectangles, points, and colors instead of vecto's default low-level stuff
  • usenet-legend is a rewrite of my Erik Naggum Usenet article search system to be adaptable to other authors
  • wfcomp is a simple C program that can composite PNGs, JPEGs, and blocks of solid colors into a single image. Not Lisp, but I use it to produce output for the Lisp-powered AutoMotivator.

I hope to add more projects soon. I also hope to migrate my more-baked projects like Skippy, ZPNG, etc. to github over time.



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