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Quicklisp beta

If you'd like to try out Quicklisp, grab the beta and have at it!



Sorry you are still iffy about ASDF. It is the way libraries are built and shared. If you don't want to use it, Quicklisp is probably not something that will be useful for you.

http://github.com/quicklisp/quicklisp-bootstrap/issues/issue/1 created for your issue.


Er.. my issue is "unscientific". First, I don't use asdf, so I just can be wrong in assessing what's going on with loading asdf. Second, my issue is not a bug report in a strong sense.

What I did: I downloaded all three files from quicklisp-bootstrap, open a setup.lisp in LW via open file, then did Evaluate Buffer. When there were errors, I did the same procedure -- opened the rest two files and evaluated them.

p.s. about asdf. I just content with custom "load.lisp" files solution for my projects. Why should I add one more code to my projects (asdf) if the "load files" solution work just fine. And if I'm not mistaken, based on you survery, asdf isn't that popular. And I have a hunch that asdf if mostly popular among sbcl users...

That's not how you install Quicklisp. To install Quicklisp, download and load http://beta.quicklisp.org/quicklisp.lisp into your CL. Github doesn't come into play for installation, only for hacking. I don't expect many people to hack Quicklisp like that.

If load.lisp works for you, great. I don't want to use libraries that aren't loadable via ASDF.

You're wrong about the survey. No questions were related to ASDF.


Now it works. I needed to delete the directory in %users% that was created previously in the failed attempts. Thanks :)

P.S. About asdf. Let's say it's a matter of taste. You like it, I see no point in it.



Tested also on LW6.0.1 Linux 32bits. Works fine. :) Thanks again!


April 2015

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