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An anonymous user wrote
on October 10th, 2010 at 04:08 pm

Er.. my issue is "unscientific". First, I don't use asdf, so I just can be wrong in assessing what's going on with loading asdf. Second, my issue is not a bug report in a strong sense.

What I did: I downloaded all three files from quicklisp-bootstrap, open a setup.lisp in LW via open file, then did Evaluate Buffer. When there were errors, I did the same procedure -- opened the rest two files and evaluated them.

p.s. about asdf. I just content with custom "load.lisp" files solution for my projects. Why should I add one more code to my projects (asdf) if the "load files" solution work just fine. And if I'm not mistaken, based on you survery, asdf isn't that popular. And I have a hunch that asdf if mostly popular among sbcl users...


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