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An anonymous user wrote
on October 10th, 2010 at 12:41 pm

I iffy about asdf. When I first looked at that name, I though why is it named asdf and not qwer? :)

I know that you addressed me personally a year ago that asdf is not that hard (http://xach.livejournal.com/238408.html) but I still have problems with it.

Speaking of the problems: LW6.0.1, 32bit, Win7 64 bits.

Compilation aborted.
Error: Could not load ASDF "2.009" or newer
1 (continue) Try loading C:\Users\Art\quicklisp\setup.lisp again.
2 Give up loading C:\Users\Art\quicklisp\setup.lisp.
Error: component "quicklisp" not found
1 (continue) Try loading C:\Users\Art\quicklisp\setup.lisp again.

And lot of warrning dialogs when loading asdf.lisp that goes with quicklisp. Redefining issues.

In short, can't get it working :)


p.s. I like your screencasts, but I think at the end you should give a different example. To me, the time for generating gradient images is too long. Images are not that big, it should takes less than a second to show them in a browser. But it takes seconds. :)

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