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I'm going to go ahead and call tinytags ready to go. Enjoy!



ugh, I forgot to report this bug before. if I do:
it cuts off the "F"
Yeah, there's a maximum height that's something like a 4:1 ratio to the width. Individual letters come out really tall so they exceed the height limit. Not sure I'm going to take the limit out...they start to look really odd when they get really tall.

Thanks for the report!
I updated it so "WTF" works. A bunch of other people seem to have tried 3 letter things that got cut off at 2, also.
Minor possible bug, it capitalizes not just the text on the tag but also the text that the user enters in the textarea once you create a tag. If I didn't know better, I'd suspect you were using READ-FROM-STRING! :)

That's by design; lowercase letters look like crap on the tag. The blockiness helps make the layout style work.

Uppercase lambda is a bit less iconic and recognizable ;]