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Commercial CL implementation news

Scieneer Common Lisp is now available in a free-for-noncommercial-use edition. Douglas Crosher did a lot of work on CMUCL in the late 90s, and Scieneer CL is his fork of CMUCL with a number of proprietary improvements to things like threading and networking. To get the free version you have to jump through a number of hoops like registering (which appears to be personally approved on a case-by-case basis) and creating a license file that is tied to the installation computer via its MAC address. I also got confused by the download page and accidentally got the 32-bit version; take a close look at the page layout before downloading. Scieneer CL has an interesting feature set and pricing looks pretty reasonable. I think the free download will be a decent way for potential customers to try-before-you-buy, and for library authors to avoid gratuitous incompatibility with Scieneer CL.

LispWorks is running a 50/50 special offer to celebrate Lisp's 50th birthday. I like LispWorks, but the 50% discount applies only to the 32-bit LispWorks Professional product, and I don't have any 32-bit systems any more (who does?).




32 vs. 64-bit LispWorks

Who indeed? The discount being available only for the 32-bit version fits with LispWorks' stance that 64-bit is an "enterprise feature". Thus there is no 64-bit Professional version. However, even this generous discount won't entice me to buy again if I'll still be unable to address all the memory of a modest laptop.

well, I do

Unfortunately, I have a computer from the one generation of MacBook Pros that has a 32-bit Intel chip, which means I'm out of luck with Clozure.

Something tells me that due to this machine's rarity, they're probably never going to get around to porting Clozure to it until I already have a more modern machine.

Re: well, I do

SBCL for MacOS is pretty good these days.

Re: well, I do

It's great, but it doesn't have a Cocoa interface, which Clozure does.

Re: well, I do

Clozure CL was recently ported to 32-bit machines, actually, so who knows.

Re: well, I do

Awesome. Hadn't heard that. I'd love to do my Cocoa programming from Lisp.

That is an unnecessary flaunting of bits!

Every computer in this office is 32-bit, including the one only a year old. (All the rest are somewhere between 5 and 10 years old, I think?) Maybe in four or five years we'll get a new, 64-bit computer.