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Problems with common-lisp.net? Tell someone!

common-lisp.net hosts many important Common Lisp projects. Recently it switched to a new and improved server, and there were a few problems along the way, but things should be working fine now.

In general, there's a tendency to treat problems as global and well-known. Sometimes I think that since everyone else is probably seeing the problem, there's no need for me personally do anything, since "everybody" surely knows about it and "somebody" is surely working on it.

But there's a new way to report problems or issues with common-lisp.net. If something isn't working like it should, just email rt at common-lisp.net and the hard-working volunteer administrators will all be able to track the problem and keep you informed about a solution. Don't post to usenet, or complain on IRC, or on a web forum, or whine in your blog, or just sit on your hands and do nothing. Let them know!