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Practical Lisp 2008

A little more than three years ago there was a thread in comp.lang.lisp about what people were working on in Common Lisp. I found the replies, some summarized here, quite inspirational; they were from people doing practical stuff (even Real Work) with Common Lisp, beyond things like going through Project Euler or doing exercises from SICP. (Not that those aren't fine things to do, but.)

Let's update this. What are you using Common Lisp for in 2008? What are you using to do it? I'll start:

I mostly use Common Lisp to make graphics toys at Wigflip.com. To that end I'm always looking for new ways to produce or consume graphics-related things. For example, I'm adding support for processing OpenType fonts to ZPB-TTF and making a hybrid of Skippy and Vecto to produce simple vector-oriented animations. I'd also like to add APNG support to ZPNG.

I primarily use SBCL on Linux, x86 and x86-64, with Emacs and SLIME. For deploying all my website stuff I use Edi-ware extensively: Hunchentoot, HTML-TEMPLATE, and CL-WHO. I use CLSQL for a few things too. For graphics work, I use mostly my own libraries.

How about you? Leave a comment and let me know.



Yet more web stuff

Mostly, I'm using it to build a few online shops/galleries. I'm distilling a library from it, and will publish that once It's proven to be working usefully - hopefully it'll save somebody else from building the backend stuff from scratch all over again.

I'm sneaking it into my dayjob, in a Java house. Actually, it's not that stealthy - I said "by the way, it's in Lisp," got a few raspberries in response, and carried on. I've Buckley's chance of converting them, but at least I get to use my language of choice in writing utilities here. Mostly just crunching logfiles and using XML-RPC to update intranet pages, but we'll see how far I can expand it.

Which technologies am I using? cl-ppcre, clsql, hunchentoot and cl-who, off the top of my head and in no particular order. I was using araneida, but that seems to have died a death, so I've moved to a platform that runs on recent versions of SBCL.

VIlisp, Vim and a couple of x-terms are about as integrated as my development environment has gotten - who needs Java-style overhead? When I get the time free, I'll try re-implementing VIlisp in CL itself, but only because I don't like depending on Perl.